Tackling ‘tech neck’ for better business

Hunching over our smartphones, laptop and tablets is causing spine degeneration in young people typically seen in seventy-year-olds. Here we look at the impact this is having on businesses, and what we can do to help stop it. The UK … Continue reading

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New study finds sit-stand desks almost double productivity 

A US health company tried out standing desks in their call centre with fascinating results Whilst sit-stand desks are not exactly new news (we’ve been selling them for just over 25 years), there seem to be an increasing number of studies hitting the headlines … Continue reading

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Is e-learning the future of staff training?

There are many ways to train staff, from away-days and conferences, to in-house training with dedicated experts. But as business operations continue to evolve and adapt to new technologies – how will training keep up? Here at Posturite we specialise … Continue reading

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How not making ‘reasonable adjustments’ could damage your business

There are around one billion people across the world living with a disability right now, and with an ageing population and a rise in chronic health conditions caused by unhealthy lifestyles, this number will only continue to rise. With disability … Continue reading

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New addition to our first aid training courses

Following previous success with a client, we are now able to offer bespoke first aid scenario training. This training will provide first aiders with a unique opportunity to build on their knowledge and skills gained in a classroom environment. The aim … Continue reading

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New research shows half the planet will need glasses by 2050

In 2010, 28.3% of the global population were short-sighted.  But now research published in the Ophthalmology journal claims that by 2050, half of the world’s population could be short-sighted. That’s double the amount from 2010. That’s 4.8 billion people, or 49.8% … Continue reading

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Sky News features Posturite’s sit-stand revolution

Our lead ergonomist Katharine Metters appeared on Sky News on Tuesday 10 May to talk about the importance of moving more at work Katharine’s talk – Why standing up can improve your health  How long do you sit each day? All … Continue reading

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