Your invite: an evening of ergonomics in Dubai

Introducing an ergonomic treat for Dubai-based organisations  Our CEO and founder Ian Fletcher-Price will be in Dubai to co-host a free evening of ergonomics at the ‘Up and Running’ Clinic on October 11. This is a fantastic opportunity for you, or … Continue reading

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Review – Slim Cool Laptop Stand for ergonomics on-the-go

Apparently, using my laptop as an everyday desktop computer is not cool. We’re an ‘agile company’, which means that some days I work in the office with my super sleek electronic sit-stand desk, dual monitor screens, top-of-the range vertical mouse and … Continue reading

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A ‘Titanic’ success for the Belfast Workplace Health Symposium

How apt to be discussing workplace health and safety at the very location the famous ‘unsinkable ship’ herself was built After all, the tragedy of the Titanic set the groundwork for many of the health and safety rules we have … Continue reading

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Sit-stand desks in classrooms – the solution for childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity is a real problem in the UK. In this post we explore whether having sit-stand desks in classrooms could help reverse what experts are describing as a pandemic.  In September Jamie Oliver publicly slammed Prime Minister Teresa May for ‘failing’ … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t be using that fitness ball as an office chair

Posturite’s Senior Consultant Katharine Metters explains why fitness balls shouldn’t be used as office chairs They’re cheap, they’re colourful, they look kind of fun to use – and they claim to tone up your core just by sitting on them. … Continue reading

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13 ways to build a back-pain-proof office

Back pain is a big problem for British workers – and office culture only makes it worse.  If you were going to design a space specifically intended to cause back pain over a long period of time, then you’d probably end … Continue reading

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World Heart Day 2016 – the heart of a healthy business

World Heart Day will take place on Thursday 29 September in a bid to raise awareness of the world’s most common cause of death: cardiovascular disease (CVD).  To help support this initiative and continue our own campaign to get defibrillators … Continue reading

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