How not making ‘reasonable adjustments’ could damage your business

There are around one billion people across the world living with a disability right now, and with an ageing population and a rise in chronic health conditions caused by unhealthy lifestyles, this number will only continue to rise. With disability … Continue reading

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Posturite hits the road with HAG and RH for 2017 Ergo Roadshow

This spring we’re heading out on the road with two major office chair brands – HAG and RH, bringing their entire collections to ten lucky UK towns and cities. This is a rare chance for those involved in chair procurement to … Continue reading

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Did the 6 hour working day in Sweden work?

For the last two years lucky Swedes have been experimenting with a six-hour, fully paid working day. Now the first phase of the experiment has ended and we want to know – what, if anything, did they learn? The trial, which … Continue reading

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Cash bonus for NHS trust if staff stand up in meetings

One NHS trust has launched an initiative to make long meetings a little healthier (and perhaps more bearable) for staff members. Staff at a hospital in Bedfordshire must now stand up in meetings for at least two minutes every hour. … Continue reading

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The four elements of heart health at work

Heat-related illness costs employers more money than any other disease or injury in the workplace. It is also the main cause of death in the UK. As February is British Heart Foundation’s Heart Month, let’s look at the four main areas … Continue reading

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Britain is sceptical about sit-stand guidelines, new study reveals

By now we’ve all heard that ‘sitting is the new smoking’, but how many of us actually believe it? According to a study published today, many Brits still remain doubtful that standing more at work will have any positive or realistic … Continue reading

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How to save a life with a HeartSine automatic external defibrillator

For every minute a victim of cardiac arrest doesn’t receive defibrillation, their chances of survival drop by 10%.  Every year in the UK there are around 60,000 cases of cardiac arrest. The chance of surviving this event (when the heart … Continue reading

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