We’ve launched a simple e-learning course to help you perform risk assessments

We know that sometimes keeping up with your health and safety obligations can feel like trying to tackle an endless stream of red tape and paperwork.  Our WorkRite team is on a mission to uncomplicate health and safety through a range of … Continue reading

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How our seating team helped create an office paradise at YOOX Net-a-Porter

Our seating projects team recently supplied 600 of the brand new HAG SoFi Mesh chairs to global fashion retail giant YOOX Net-a-Porter. Keen to see the chairs in action (and to have a little nose around the brand’s much-talked-about new offices), I decide to … Continue reading

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New Penclic C3 Mini Keyboard – review

The Penclic C3 – with its sleek aluminium casing and distinctive colouring, is the latest mini keyboard from the brand that’s ‘making ergonomics sexy’.  The humble keyboard may not exactly be the most exciting piece of tech you’ve ever owned but … Continue reading

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Are left-handers at a disadvantage at work?

Living as a lefty in a right-handed world has never been easy. While we may have progressed from being burnt on the stake, there’s still the tricky issue of ergonomics.  Sunday 13 August is International Left-Hander’s Day, which was first started by … Continue reading

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Public health chief says firms should offer yoga classes, sit-stand desks and lunch runs

Firms should consider running lunchtime yoga classes, walking meetings and running clubs to help reduce the national cost of work-related ill health, according to NHS public health chief Duncan Selbie. “We want to see every business take a custom-made approach … Continue reading

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Agile workers, out of sight, out of mind?

Lead consultant, chartered physiotherapist and experienced ergonomist Katharine Metters discusses the rise of agile working. In her webinar ‘Agile working – out of sight, out of mind? first aired on Friday 28 July, Katharine offered tips and anecdotes for companies that … Continue reading

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Why workers hate hot-desking – and how you CAN make it work

Find out why hot-desking often fails, and how you can make sure it doesn’t. When open-plan office designs came back in fashion in the ’60s, personal space became sacred. Without walls, doors and name plaques to differentiate workspaces, invisible territories had … Continue reading

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