Health tips for tablet users

Illustration of man using an iPadA new free advice sheet for the fast-growing number of people using iPads and tablets as everyday working tools has been added to our collection. Download A4 PDF Advice Sheet »

It details the steps people should take to mitigate the health risks associated with prolonged use of a tablet computer.

It warns: “Due to the screen and keyboard being in the same place as the tablet – either your head is angled down or your arms are being held up – if extended periods of time are spent typing or inputting information, you will increase the risk of developing neck and upper limb conditions.”

The advisory notes, written by our expert health & safety consultant and trainer Katharine Metters, include seven useful tips to help people use their tablets safely and comfortably.

The tablet advice sheet joins a comprehensive library of learning resources available via our website. These include:

Each of the advice sheets is accompanied by impressive graphics and can be downloaded and printed or emailed to colleagues.

To view the whole library, visit

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5 Responses to Health tips for tablet users

  1. Jane says:

    Going forward, singers, particularly disabled singers will start using a tablet to download scores of music to sing from.

    Are any tablets available to make notes on the scores via the screen?

    Thank you

  2. Alison Melrose says:

    Jane – there are a number of devices that utilise a stylus such as the HTC Flyer which allow for note taking including onto pdf files (which could potentially hold your score of music?). It may be possible to make notes at the side of the screen that could then be sent to a printer so a hard copy could be obtained later. Suggest you speak to somewhere like PC World as they have many of the tablets available so would be able to give you advice on the best one for such a task. Good luck!

    • Paul says:

      Hi Alison/Jane,

      Thanks for your interest in our article. We’ve not come across such a request before, however we’ve had a look for you. There is an app available for the iPad called forScore which looks like it would do the job. Our FD here is a singer in a choir and so we’ve loaded it onto his iPad to test for us. We’ll let you know how he gets on.

      Thanks – Paul

  3. Jessica says:

    Really a worthful advice sheet. I have shared shared it with all my friends. Excellent publish, very informative. Beneficial health tips for tablet users!!!! Thanks for the share.

  4. Oh great,
    i am using my tablet, now i’ll be more care about this matter 🙂

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