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Fixed Height Desks - simple but functional

Our sturdy fixed-height desks are excellent for open areas such as training rooms, study spaces and reception areas. Choose your wood finish, size and shape, and create a large working space by connecting multiple fixed-height desks.

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Fixed Height Desks

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What is a fixed-height desk?

A fixed-height desk is a traditional sit-down office desk. While we do not recommend sitting down for long periods of time, our fixed-height desks are excellent for study areas, training rooms and other open areas that call for a temporary working surface.

What is a fixed-height desk?

If you are looking for a simple, flexible, multi-purpose desk, a fixed-height desk is an excellent option. Our fixed-height desks are affordable, well-built and attractive – with a choice of wood finishes to create stylish work spaces. The simple frame means the desks can be easily stacked for compact storage. It also means there is plenty of space for the user to position their legs properly on the floor to reduce the risk of sitting-related health problems.

What are the benefits of a fixed-height desk?

  • Simple and affordable.
  • Sleek, contemporary design.
  • Light and portable.
  • Excellent multi-purpose office work surface.
  • Can be pushed together to create larger work areas.
  • Easily stackable for compact storage.