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Dicota Privacy Screen Protector - Surface Pro 4

SKU: 9899331

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When you’re working on your Surface Pro 4 in public, it can be uncomfortable knowing that people might be looking over your shoulder. Perhaps you’re working with sensitive data on a train or plane, or you’d simply prefer to keep you work private. The Dicota Privacy Screen Protector shields your screen from all four directions so you can work with complete peace of mind.

The thin silicone sheet sticks directly to your screen with no bubbles or residue after removal. When applied it will even protect your screen from scrapes and scratches with touch functionality fully intact.

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Dicota Privacy Screen Protector (Surface Pro 4)

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Additional Information

  • 4-way technology to guard your screen from all four directions.
  • Designed specifically for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • High scratch resistance
  • Ideal for working on planes and trains
  • Silicone sticks directly to your screen with no bubbles
  • Easy peel away with no residue
  • Fits screen size 12.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.039 kg
  • Compatible with Micosoft Surface Pro 4
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