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Enable and empower with our Assistive Software

For people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, visual impairments or hearing problems, using computers can be a overwhelming task. Thankfully, today's technological age has brought forth a number of very good computer programs and tools note taking tools and software that can help you to cope better with everyday work tasks and improve productivity and build self-confidence. We particularly recommend the Dragon Software.

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  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking V13 Premium

    Dragon Premium v13 (UK)

    Price From: £116.66 Ex VAT £139.99 Inc VAT

  • Dragon Professional Individual v15 (UK)

    Dragon Professional Individual v15 (UK)

    Price From: £124.99 Ex VAT £149.99 Inc VAT

  • Claroread

    ClaroRead V7

    Price From: £129.00 Ex VAT £154.80 Inc VAT

  • Dragon Professional Individual v6 for Mac (UK)

    Dragon Professional Individual v6 for Mac (UK)

    Price From: £104.16 Ex VAT £124.99 Inc VAT

  • Inspiration V9

    Inspiration V9

    £59.95 Ex VAT £71.94 Inc VAT
  • MindGenius Business

    MindGenius Business

    £147.00 Ex VAT £176.40 Inc VAT
  • JAWS Screen Reading Software

    JAWS Screen Reading Software

    £845.00 Ex VAT £1,014.00 Inc VAT
  • ZoomText V10.1

    ZoomText V10.1

    Price From: £375.00 Ex VAT £450.00 Inc VAT

  • Global AutoCorrect V.3

    Global AutoCorrect V3

    £229.00 Ex VAT £274.80 Inc VAT
  • RSI Guard: Stretch Edition

    RSIGuard: Stretch Edition

    £69.00 Ex VAT £82.80 Inc VAT
  • Read & Write Gold V11

    Read & Write Gold V11.5

    Price From: £320.00 Ex VAT £384.00 Inc VAT

  • Dolphin EasyConverter

    Dolphin EasyConverter

    £595.00 Ex VAT £714.00 Inc VAT
  • Dolphin Supernova

    Dolphin Supernova

    Price From: £295.00 Ex VAT £354.00 Inc VAT

  • Sonocent Audio Notetaker V3

    Audio Notetaker V4

    £108.32 Ex VAT £129.98 Inc VAT

14 Item(s)

Assistive Software

Enable and empower your staff with this great selection of note taking tools and software.

Note taking tools are suitable for dyslexia support and for other users looking to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Software such as Dragon series is really useful as it can transcribe notes dictated on the go and use voice shortcuts to get more done faster. For users with literacy difficulties – such as dyslexia, the perfect spelling and audio feedback of Dragon NaturallySpeaking premium provides support in creating professional and correctly spelt documents.

We also have a few other helpful products such as the Optelec Compact+ Video Magnifier a pocket-size video magnifier designed for the benefit of low vision people or Franklin DMQ-1870 Speaking Dictionary, which is a portable dictionary/thesaurus with phonetic spell checker and speech.