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RH Logic Collection

The RH Logic collection are all reliable, classic ergonomic office chairs, that are suitable for a wide range of working environments and users, designed for those who sit for long periods at work. They are based on 2PP™, RH's philosophy on active sitting, which enables you to do more and perform better and offer flexibility in sitting, to keep you going during long working days.

RH Logic chairs are designed specifically for those who sit for a long time at work. The designs are based on a simple philosophy: to encourage movement and reduce the risks associated with prolonged sitting. All RH chairs are fully adjustable so you can move various parts to find the most comfortable position for you.

Perfect for both remedial and preventative back care solutions, as well as 24/7 applications, the RH Logic range one the most popular office chair ranges that sets the benchmark in high performing ergonomic seating, and sets the standard that all others seek to follow.

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RH Logic Collection

  • RH Logic 300 with 8S Armrests

    RH Logic 300 (medium back) Ergonomic Office Chair

    Price From: £775.00 Ex VAT £930.00 Inc VAT

  • RH Logic 400 (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair

    RH Logic 400 (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair

    Price From: £843.00 Ex VAT £1,011.60 Inc VAT

2 Item(s)