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Experience the precision & comfort of an ergonomic mouse and keyboard whilst reducing risk of long term injuries such as RSI - Order Online!

Mouse & Keyboard - Ergonomic Input Devices

Most of us spend extended periods at our desk using a mouse and keyboard. Long term injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) are common place for many regular users.

We supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of ergonomic mice and keyboard input device solutions in the UK, designed to reduce risk of long term injury, and increase comfort & productivity.

Ergonomic input devices. Mouse and keyboard.
Type of ergonomic input device

What type of device?

Mouse devices

  • Ergonomic Grip Mice: A more natural fit to the contours of your hand relievingstrain on the hand muscles.
  • Vertical Mice: Re-aligning the natural angle of the wrist & arm whilst transferring movement onto the more powerful shoulder muscles.
  • Trackball Mice: Transferring control to the finger tips to prevent un-necessary wrist movement.
  • Roll Bar Mice: Finger tip control of mouse movements closer to the keyboard, thereby removing the need for excessive arm movements.


  • Ergonomic Task Keyboards: Most generally designed to align the wrists more naturally and provide closer control to keys. Some come in split keyboard designs.
  • Mini Keyboards: Compact design allows arms controlling mouse and keyboard to work closer together, preventing un-necessary stretching to the mouse. Easy portability is another great benefit.

Other Devices

You will find many of our products models combine benefits to provide optimal ergonomic solutions to the user.

Why order from Posturite?

  • Comprehensive range of ergonomic devices that meet the highest standards.
  • 14 day trial on all models.
  • 3-4 day maximum delivery on in stock items.
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