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Monitor Solutions

Ensure correct monitor positioning and save valuable workstation space - Order Online!

Space saving ergonomic monitor & computer solutions

Two of the most important features of a good ergonomic workstation are correct monitor positioning and sufficient working space.

That is where our monitor and computer storage solutions come in.

Ergonomic monitor and computer solutions
ergonomic monitor solutions - Monitor arm

Monitor Solutions

As a rule of thumb a monitor should be positioned at arm's distance, and with eyes level to the top of the screen, to reduce risk of eye and neck strain.

One of our simple monitor stands can help you achieve this.

Even greater precision of height and angle can be achieved with a monitor arm. These high quality pieces of desktop equipment have additional space-saving benefits and often better suit the demands of the modern office aesthetic.

Computer ergonomic solutions

Space Saving Computer Holders

Maximise your desktop space by storing your PC in a computer cradle or computer basket.

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