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There’s an almost bewildering choice of desking options available today. Selecting the right one for your current and future requirements requires a detailed knowledge of the marketplace.

Whether you are looking to simply add to an existing layout or create an entirely new working environment, we can help make sure that you pick the desking product or system that best meets your needs.

That means ensuring that valuable floor space isn’t wasted; that design is compatible with function; that health and safety guidelines are met; and that the whole layout works efficiently and effectively.

Whatever your organisational or budgetary requirements, we can help you to select the desks or workstations that provide you with a comfortable and productive working environment. Our links to Posturite have taught us that great design is not everything – functionality and ergonomics are key considerations for productivity and staff wellbeing – we will look at height adjustable or sit/stand desks in addition to traditional desking styles giving you real options.

The desks shown in the image gallery above will give you an idea of what is available. To explore all the options, call us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Entry level desking

Getting down to basics is what entry level desking is all about. Good, practical no-frills furniture that gets the job done efficiently and economically.

That doesn’t make it any the less interesting or attractive. There are endless styles, shapes and finishes to consider, although the layout and configuration of the workstations will to a large extent be determined by the nature of your operation and the available space.

Aesthetics, durability and flexibility all need to be given consideration, along with practicalities such as cable management and continuity of supply. If you need to add more desks in a year or two, you’ll want to know that the furniture you have chosen will still be around then.

We have a long track record of helping companies match their operational requirements to their entry level desking options to provide them with an efficient, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing working environment.

Height adjustable desking

It’s about time more people stood up for their health…literally! The human body wasn’t designed to sit for long periods, yet millions have to do that day in, day out at work.

Height adjustable desks give them the opportunity to move easily and regularly between a seated position and a standing one without interrupting their workflow.

This has a number of proven benefits such as improved blood flow and concentration, increased alertness and productivity, and the flexibility to adjust the working position to the task in hand.

Our four ranges of height adjustable desks are designed to meet all functions and budgets. At the most basic level, an Allen key fixes the desk at the required height while our top-end model features state-of-the-art electronics which make changing the desk height smooth and simple, while sophisticated software guarantees the desk is always perfectly level.

Bench desking

Bench desks are growing in popularity as more companies switch to hot desking. They create long uninterrupted workspaces that suit the growing trend for touchdown working.

The system allows power and data cables to be run along the length of the bench, allowing users to plug in their laptops and to come and go as they please.

Bench system desks are also incredibly space efficient, creating a studio atmosphere and easing staff communication – a major plus factor where different work groups need to be regular contact. However, where a degree of privacy, separation and/or noise reduction are required, desktop benching screens are available to help split users’ workspace.

Executive desking

Quality, comfort, style… all are necessary considerations when choosing executive desking.

But while it’s important to create a good impression by investing in executive office furniture that looks the part, you should never lose sight of the need for functionality. It’s no good having an executive office that would win style awards but doesn’t cut it when it comes to accommodating modern working practices. Your executive office desking needs to be practical and resilient as well as good looking.

Fortunately there are plenty of executive desks that tick all the boxes, enabling you to indulge your taste for the ancient or modern, sleek or solid, wood or glass, while being assured that it will work perfectly well at the practical level.