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A good, ergonomically efficient chair encourages natural movement which is important in helping to maintain concentration and avoid aches and pains.

A good chair is an office worker’s most important tool.

It can help keep them healthy and improve their productivity. A good, ergonomically efficient chair encourages natural movement which is important in helping to maintain concentration and avoid aches and pains.

Seating isn’t just about chairs at desks, you need to consider seating for meeting rooms, boardrooms, executive seating, reception seating, breakout seating and even canteens and staffrooms.

You will be confronted with a vast choice of brands and styles. Our expertise and experience in ergonomic seating will be invaluable in helping you decide what’s right for you.

As the UK’s leading distributor of ergonomic office seating, we have unrivalled knowledge of and access to many of the biggest and best chair manufacturers. You can use our expertise and knowledge to make sure you get the seating that meets your criteria of functionality, design and cost.

And to make sure you’re happy, you can try before you buy on virtually all seating we recommend to you.

When it comes to installation, it will be planned to cause minimum disruption to your workflows – we will work evenings and weekends to ensure that everything is ready for use when you need it. We even offer a clinic service to ensure that all staff are provided with ergonomic advice on workstation set up and their new seating – it all helps to make the transition smooth and seamless.

Task seating

Looks are important. Whether you’re fitting out a new office or giving an old one a makeover, you’ll want it to look good when you’ve finished.

But there has to be substance along with the style.

As far as seating is concerned, that means choosing chairs that not only look great but also feel right.

We’ll help you to find office chairs that meet your colour and style objectives without compromising on comfort and support.

Chairs with independent adjustability will promote a correct sitting posture and encourage muscle movement and blood flow.

Both are vital for people who spend most of their working day sitting down. They’ll stay healthier and be more productive.

Mistakes in chair selection can be costly, physically and financially. With an almost bewildering number of manufacturers and styles to choose from, it’s easy to get it wrong. We’ll make sure you get it right.

Task seating

Seniority carries a range of perks in most organisations. One of these can be choosing your own special office chair.

But which one? The market is awash with them. So how do you recognise the genuine article?

That’s where we can help. Just because a manufacturer shoves an ‘executive’ label on a chair – with a price tag to match – doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the real deal. We will only ever recommend executive seating that meets our own high quality standards.

Usually that means one with flexibility, permitting many settings and adjustments, encouraging regular movement and facilitating an upright body posture.

We can also help you to find the ideal type and colour of fabric for your executive chair.

We can even design you one to reflect your corporate colours or, if you’re a sports fan, the colours of your favourite team.

Now that’s a real perk!

Boardroom seating

The boardroom is where the big decisions are made. So the people making those decisions need all the help they can get to make sure they get them right.

Creating an environment in which people feel comfortable and energised is a good place to start.

That means getting the seating right. Comfortable, adjustable seating encourages efficiency.

Movement is the key. A good boardroom chair will allow your body to move naturally, without even thinking about it. This increases blood circulation and stimulates the mind.

It’s easy for a boardroom to become a bored room. Don’t let it happen. Let us help you to make your boardroom the engine room of your business.

Meeting seating

Meetings, meetings, meetings…we probably all feel we spend far too much time in them. Unfortunately there’s not a lot any of us can do about it.

But being tired of meetings is a different problem to being tired at meetings. That’s something we can help to improve.

A simple thing like selecting the right chairs for your conference or meeting room can make all the difference.

A good meeting room chair will work as an extension of your body, allowing you to move freely. And when you’re moving, you’re refreshing your mind as well as your body. Ergo, you feel less tired.

However, flexibility and adaptability are often more important considerations for rooms in which the layout and usage may change several times over the course of a week. So seating that can be easily stacked and transported could be the principal requirement.

Either way, we can show you how to transform the way you think about and at meetings.

Breakout seating

Everyone needs time out from the coalface every now and again – somewhere they can go to chill or do a bit of blue sky thinking.

Creating the right atmosphere for your breakout zone is important. It needs to be both relaxing and inspirational at the same time.

The seating you choose will reflect the way you want the area to be used. If you want to encourage staff and visitors to meet in less formal surroundings, you’ll need chairs that can be easily manoeuvred into different groupings.

Sofas tend to give less flexibility, but provide more seating within the allocated space. Laptop chairs allow people to carry their work with them so that you lose nothing in productivity while allowing people the freedom to change surroundings from time to time.

However the breakout zone is configured, you’ll be free to express yourself with a riot of colour if you so choose. Breakout chairs come in a painter’s palette of shades.

Call us and we will help you to choose the one that’s right for your company’s look and image.

Reception seating

First impressions count. So getting the right look and feel for your reception area will help to set the right tone for visitors to your building.

The seating you choose will need to reflect the image you want people to have of your organisation, whether it’s done by style, colour or both.

Although visitors don’t usually spend too long in reception, that’s no reason not to provide them with comfortable chairs. There are literally thousands to choose from, so there’s no excuse for getting it wrong.

It’s important, too, to provide your reception staff with seating that is stylish, functional and conforms to the relevant health and safety guidelines. This is not only for their comfort and wellbeing, but also to offer visitors a mirror to what they can expect to see reflected throughout the rest of your organisation in terms of employee care.