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Properly planned filing and storage not only tames your clutter but also improves efficiency.

As the capacity of computers to store and disseminate ever-larger volumes of data has increased, so the need to physically store documents and paper in the office should have decreased. Not so, we all have to hang on to hard copies of accounts, receipts, orders and seemingly endless documents, all of which take up valuable space.

The much talked-about ‘paperless office’ is still as far away as ever – when you’re equipping a new office or refitting an old one, you need to give careful thought to the style and amount of storage space you need now and in the future.

Get it right and you will not only save on valuable floor space but also on the time people spend searching for files and documents. There will be a place for everything, and everything will have its place.

Get it wrong and piles of files and paperwork will build up around the place, giving the impression of disorganisation.

Most storage systems evolve piecemeal over time and are therefore rarely as efficient as they should be – relocation or refurbishment is the perfect opportunity to bring a sense of order and cohesion to this important part of your business.