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What type of DSE assessment should you book? Learn more about the different types of DSE assessment available to help you choose.

What is a DSE assessment?

A display screen equipment (DSE) assessment is undertaken by a DSE assessor. Depending on the assessment, the assessor will identify any areas that are not compliant with regulations, make adjustments for the individual, suggest improvements, provide a report and, if necessary or required by the client, provide product recommendations.

We provide a selection of different assessments for various environments and level of involvement. We'll delve into the differences now. At the end of the descriptions we will also include some of the questions we frequently get asked around our assessment service.

Remember: our assessors and ergonomists can deal with most case no matter how complex it is. If none of our off-the-shelf assessments seem to fit then simply get in touch to see what we can do for you.

DSE Workstation Assessment
DSE Workstation Assessment
Computer Workstation Assessment
Approximate assessment duration 30-40 mins 30-40 mins 45 mins – 2 hrs
Conducted by Member of staff trained in DSE assessments Member of staff trained in DSE assessments Medical Professional or Ergonomist
Musculoskeletal issues
Workstation observations
Changes made during assessment
Helpful hints
Working habits and behaviours
Detailed breakdown of chair functions
User and workstation measurements
(Provided by the appointee)
User and workstation photographs
(Provided by the appointee)

(if consent provided)

(if consent provided)

What are the different types of DSE assessment?

We provide several off-the-shelf DSE and vehicle assessments. When choosing between them, consider where the assessment needs to take place and how in-depth the assessment needs to be. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your exact requirements so that we can advise you on the appropriate assessment and give you an accurate quote. We will tailor the assessment according to your needs, however complex the issues may be.

DSE assessments

Remote DSE Workstation Assessment

Enjoy the same quality and depth of advice provided in our face-to-face assessments, with a shorter waiting time and with no physical contact - perfect for homeworkers.

Receive helpful posture and set-up advice at your convenience with Remote DSE Workstation Assessment service. Using a combination of measurements, photographs and a short chat over Microsoft Teams (video chat), or the telephone, our experienced DSE assessors will be able to draw up a report that highlights risk areas and suggests improvements to help you feel as comfortable and productive as possible.

Face-to-Face DSE Workstation Assessment

In this assessment, one of our assessors will visit your site to conduct a check of the DSE workstation or simple problem-solving assessment with your employee. They will discuss the employee’s role, workstation and musculoskeletal issues. The assessor will make any changes they can to the existing workstation while on site. You will then receive a report focusing on the suitability of the existing workstation, photographs of the workstation, anatomical measurements, description of the issues experienced and any recommendations for additional equipment or changes that may help to solve the problem.

Specialist Computer Workstation Assessment

This is our highest standard of problem-solving assessment. The assessment will be undertaken by either a medical professional with in-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal issues and training, or a qualified ergonomist with specialist knowledge in workstation issues. This level of assessment would be requested for more severe cases requiring more detail and addressing any stated workstation questions. The resulting report will describe the workstation and identify any changes that could be made to assist the user at their workstation. A physical examination will not be carried out, measurements will be taken alongside photographs to accompany the report, with permission from the end-user. Please note this is not a medical assessment.

Find the right DSE assessment

Still unsure which assessment level is most suitable for you or your colleague?

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Additional assessment services

DSE Compliant Workstation Assessment

DSE Compliant Workstation Assessment

Not sure if a workstation complies with health and safety regulations? This assessment is all about helping you to ensure everything adheres to the highest legal standards for lower risks and peace of mind.

Student Assessment Referral

Student Assessment Referral

Students with a learning difficulty, health problem or disability can be referred by the Disability Student Allowance (DSA) to have a workstation assessment. Use this form to book an appointment with one of our DSE assessors.

Driver Set Up Review

Driver Set Up Review

This is for staff who have to drive for work. One of our qualified DSE assessors will carry out an assessment on the user’s stationary car to make improvements to positioning and to try to improve their comfort.

Driver Comfort Assessment

Driver Comfort Assessment

This is for those reporting significant discomfort when using a particular vehicle. It will be undertaken by a health professional or qualified ergonomist to try to identify what would need to be improved to decrease the discomfort experienced.

Chair Set Up Service

Chair Set Up Service

Need an expert to help you adjust the settings on a chair you already have? We’ll visit you to make any necessary adjustments so that the chair is set up as comfortably and ergonomically as possible for its new user.

Disability Enablement Assessments

Disability Enablement Assessments

Meet your Equality Act requirements and help create an accepting, diverse workplace culture with our range of disability enablement assessments, designed to identify obstacles and overcome them with solutions based on each individual.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Why do we need DSE assessments?

    Display screen equipment (DSE) assessments are critical for preventing health problems associated with the long-term use of desk and computer equipment, which can include:

    • upper limb disorders
    • lower limb disorders
    • back, shoulder and neck pain
    • eye issues
    • headaches
    • fatigue

    All of these issues are not only potentially uncomfortable and disruptive for the individuals experiencing them, they also cost businesses and the UK economy billions each year in lost productivity and sickness leave.

    DSE assessments present a fast, low-cost opportunity to nip potential problems in the bud before they have a chance to impact company performance.

  • Are DSE assessments required by law?

    Employers are legally required to protect workers from the risks of using DSE. The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 apply to workers who use DSE every day for an hour or more at a time.

    For example, the law would apply to workers who are:

    • at a fixed workstation
    • remote workers
    • home workers
    • hot-deskers

    Employers are legally required to:

    • provide workers with DSE assessments
    • take action to reduce risks
    • provide an eye test when asked
    • provide training and information for workers
  • Will the assessor try to sell products?

    Posturite DSE assessments are not sales pitches. Our assessors are extremely professional and will offer impartial advice on set-up and equipment throughout their time with the DSE user. For the higher-level assessments, it will be an ergonomist or medical professional dealing with you. Our most popular assessment, the DSE Workstation Assessment, results in a report that will include recommendations for specific equipment but there is never an obligation to buy. The DSE assessments work as a standalone service.

    Our main goal is to increase the comfort of individuals and the compliance and productivity of organisations. If products or services are wanted then we can help with selection, installation and correct set-up.

  • How do I know if I need a DSE assessment?

    You (or your line manager, on your behalf) can book a DSE assessment if you:

    • frequently use display screen equipment
    • experience pain or discomfort at your workstation
    • want to prevent pain and discomfort
  • How do I book an assessment?

    • go to our DSE assessment page
    • select the assessment you want to book
    • fill out the booking form
    • pay
    • receive email to confirm a date and time that suits you

    We’ll send you email reminders the day before your assessment and confirm when we’ve arrived so we don’t disrupt your working day too much.

  • How long will I have to wait after booking?

    We’ll send you an email straight after you book to confirm your appointment date. This will be no longer than 5 to 10 days ahead.

  • How long will the assessment last?

    This depends on the assessment you choose. You can find the approximate duration on the information page of the assessment you’re interested in, but they tend to be from 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Who conducts the assessment?

    For the Remote and Face-to-Face DSE assessments, you’ll be assessed by a qualified, experienced Posturite DSE assessor. For Specialist Computer Workstation assessments, which are for more specialist situations, you’ll be visited by an ergonomist or health professional (who will also be highly experienced in DSE assessing).

  • Where does the assessment take place?

    The assessment will take place at your workstation, or in your vehicle if you have chosen a vehicle assessment.

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