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The Backapp Smart helps to strengthen your back and ensures a natural sitting posture leading to less fatigue, keeping you comfortable, alert and productive at your desk.

It works by constantly stimulating the muscles that you use to balance as the chair gently moves on its central axis.

If you suffer from back pain why not try the Backapp Smart?

  • Increases movement whilst sitting so you are not in one posture for too long
  • Helps to reduce back pain whilst sitting
  • With the Backapp Smart your feet are placed on the footboard, rather than being placed on the floor. This allows the chair to rotate gently around the vertical axis when you move
  • Easy to adjust level of balance - Adjust the balance exercise by turning the ball. If you turn the ball downwards, the chair will become more unsteady, which will increase the training effect.
  • To begin with you might experience fatigue in your lower back, this is because the muscles in this area is activated by the chair, and the stamina in these muscles is often limited. After a few days, you should be able to sit on the Backapp for longer periods. After some training, using it an entire day is achievable
  • See our video section for testimonials from Phil Taylor of Spandau Ballet who uses the Backapp Smart in his recording studio and Gunther Walker from Solar Management
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5 years
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