Bimos Sintec ESD Chair

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Now £498.00 £415.00
Now £498.00 £415.00
A user-friendly ergonomic chair with a robust shell built with a discharge system for ESD areas. read more
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Lead Time: 4 Weeks
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Reasons to Buy

The highly customisable Bimos Sintec ESD Chair comes as standard with a range of volume conduction mechanisms for users to find a comfortable set-up quickly. These include adjustable seat height, lockable back height and a choice of movement mechanisms - either continuous contact, where only the backrest moves, or a synchronous mechanism, where both the seat pad and back move together with the user to help stimulate blood flow in the legs.You can also select the optional sliding seat, a useful addition if your chair will be used by multiple users.

Choose from 4 fabric finishes for your Sintec ESD Chair, all easy to remove and click into place thanks to the 1+1 upholstery system - no specialist help or training needed.

The Bimos Sintec ESD Chair comes in a standard height and a draughtsman model suitable for taller workstations. You can also add arms for additional support. The modular design means that when the chair reaches the end of its lifespan, recycling is easy.

  • Ergonomic chair with tough shell designed with volume conductive plastics safe for ESD environments.
  • Comes as standard with adjustable seat height, lockable back height and a choice of movement mechanisms.
  • Choose from 4 high quality finishes:
    • Fabric: ESD, breathable, comfortable, soft, hard-wearing.
    • Artificial leather: washable, low-maintenance, resistant to oils and disinfectants, soft and comfortable.
    • Integral foam: robust, washable, resistant to mechanical damage, impervious to acids and alkalines.
    • Supertec: comfortable and soft, breathable, resilient, micro-studs, cut-resistant, easy to clean.
  • The Sintec range’s 1+1 upholstery feature means the finish you choose can be simply clicked into place on the chair - no specialist skills or training necessary.
  • Two movement mechanisms available: Continuous Contact Mechanism: Just the backrest moves with the end user, or Synchronous Mechanism: Both the seat pad and backrest are tension controlled to move with the user.
  • Standard height (430-580 mm) or taller draughtsman (580-850 mm) variations available.
  • Add swivel lock to either heights to improve stability for involved tasks.
  • Option to add MultiFunctional Armrests to reduce the strain on the upper body and arms.
Seat height:
Standard: 430-580 mm
Draughtsman: 580-850 mm
Seat width:
480 mm
Seat depth:
430-490 mm
Back height:
420 mm
Weight limit:
120 kg
DIN 68 877. German GS “safety tested” certificate. DIN EN ISO 9001. DIN EN ISO 14001. EMAS. EcoVadis CSR rating 2015 Gold. Non-Toxic
10 years