How the 2020 pandemic changed workplace ergonomics

As soon as lockdown was announced, we knew that thousands of people were now at greater risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders because they were more likely to spend long periods sitting at make-shift workstations at home. Our clients were worried about what they should do to prevent issues, and what exactly their responsibilities were.

We knew we needed to act fast to prevent widespread problems

We immediately produced this ‘Working from home: Quick fixes’ webinar, as well as a ‘Hints for working from home short term’ infographic so that homeworkers could make immediate, basic changes to improve their posture and positioning, even without suitable equipment.

Next we set about sourcing the best homeworking equipment available and built a dedicated home office furniture category on our website, making it easier than ever for employers to deliver good ergonomic equipment straight to people's homes.

Our remote homeworker assessment became a huge hit as employers realised we could offer the same level of workstation advice and support without having to travel, or compromise their employees' health.

We launched a new virtual classroom so that our popular training courses could continue, and created a Homeworker DSE Advisor course for those who wanted the knowledge and confidence to deliver set-up advice to homeworkers remotely.

Our numbers this year reflect a change in the way people are working now; a change that we expect to see continue in 2021 as organisations become increasingly flexible.

Our future of homeworking study revealed that the most popular home/office configuration is three days at home with two in the office. Google has recently announced that it plans to do just this from September 2021. As work patterns change, there is likely to be a change in the type of equipment offered to staff members. We expect to see more laptop kits (consisting of a laptop stand, mouse and keyboard) being provided so that employees can seamlessly switch working environments day-to-day without compromising their comfort or long-term health and productivity.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year by opening emails, accessing our website content and of course using and enjoying our products and services. We're always here to help and offer advice about how to stay well at work (wherever that may be). For those who are interested, here are some of the numbers we're proud of from 2020:

Thanks for reading and we look forward to working with you in the new year.

Happy Holidays from the whole Posturite team!