3 reasons to spend 30 days with a RollerMouse

This post was going to be called "30 reasons to spend 30 days with a RollerMouse", but as exciting as we believe this very unique computer mouse to be, we don't want to bore you to death before you get a chance to try it. 

Hopefully you can stick around long enough to read these very brief (we promise!) reasons to give a RollerMouse a go.

But before we start, what exactly is a RollerMouse?

It looks like this...

Contour rollermouse with keyboard

The RollerMouse by Contour is an alternative computer mouse that sits directly below the spacebar on the keyboard. It consists of a rolling bar, cursor control and three mouse buttons. The cursor is controlled via the the rolling (forward-backward) and sliding (left-right) actions of the bar. The idea is that the central bar navigation reduces repetitive reaching which is typical of standard mouse usage and is known to cause musculoskeletal issues.

1) Studies show it can increase comfort

Researchers found that using the RollerMouse resulted in significantly reduced perceptions of pain and fatigue when compared to a standard mouse configuration (Golden & Vanderhoff, 2002).

Close up of someone using a wireless mouse

User reviews also back these results up. Mona Östman from Lenovo said: “I worked for a period of time without the RollerMouse. I was in pain after only three weeks. I would not have been able to work without the RollerMouse. It would have been over.”

2) Clever design makes it easier to navigate your computer

A pilot study (Wynn, 2002) showed that the time to complete a standard data-entry task was shorter for the RollerMouse when compared with a standard computer mouse. This suggests that using a RollerMouse not only reduces pain but also improves productivity.

Industrial designer David Carlsson works primarily with 3D visualisations. Unfortunately two years after graduating, he began to experience pain to the extent that he could hardly move his right arm. He heard about RollerMouse and decided to give it a try. Commenting on his experience, he said:

"The RollerMouse provides even distribution between hands and relieves arms and shoulders. I never need to raise my hand like I do with a mouse. My arms are completely still when I work and I can sit straight. This allows for greater accuracy and I can work faster. My hand is actually what limits me. With the RollerMouse I brake with one hand and steer with the other instead of doing all the movements with one hand. I cannot think of anything more ergonomic.”

3) It'll cost you nothing if you don't like it

Birdseye view of someone using a rollermouse with a keyboard

We have recently extended our returns policy exclusively for the RollerMouse, from 14 days to 30 days. We believe it can take some people a little longer to get used to this type of mouse, purely because the concept is so different to standard computer mice. If you ultimately decide the RollerMouse isn't for you, you can send it back and we'll either refund you, or replace it with an alternative.

Really, there's nothing to lose!

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