5 biggest health challenges businesses face in life after lock-down

The businesses we work with are facing new challenges to adapt to the post lock-down world in a safe, compliant way. We thought we'd share some of the top ways we've been asked to help clients... Man sitting on the sofa rubbing his neck in pain whilst trying to work on his laptop on the coffee table

1. Safe homeworking for everyone

It seems that home working has been a success for a lot of organisations. As a result, the feedback we are receiving is that homeworking in some form is here to stay. Many of our clients are now discussing long-term solutions for their homeworkers. The big question is: how do employers keep their staff healthy and safe at home? Of course, they still have a legal obligation and duty of care to do so. This means:

  • Providing necessary equipment
  • Providing DSE assessments or training
  • Offering support and advice

We have a wide range of options from cost effective seating, desks for easy storage, laptop packs and more. Shop our entire home office collection here. Top homeworking chairs The Homeworker Ergonomic Chair is the perfect entry level chair. With all the features of a DSE complaint chair it can provide a fantastic cost effective solution for home workers. The Homeworker Plus Ergonomic Chair has all of the features of the Homeworker Chair with the added ergonomic benefits of a lumbar pump and seat side. The Homeworker Mesh is a great option for people looking for a chair that allows for increased air flow and the modern mesh back style. Top homeworking desks  We have an extensive range of both fixed-height and sit-stand desks, perfect for the home environment. The Positiv Homeworker Desk with Screw-in Legs is a great option for those who need a full workstation but have limited space. It's easy to assemble and take apart, so you can set up your work area without it having to be a constant fixture in your home. Our Opløft Sit-Stand Platform has achieved worldwide recognition and popularity as a high quality but relatively light and easy-to-move-around sit-stand desk converter. Place it on any surface and use the effortless gas lift mechanism to move it to a suitable height for you to increase your activity levels and ability to focus throughout the day. The minimalist style is perfect for any home decor. Top laptop packs Laptops are fantastic to allow people to work from home. However, they are neither ergonomic nor compliant. The good news is that this can easily be changed with the addition of a laptop pack. A laptop pack includes a stand, keyboard and mouse.

2. The change in circumstances are leading to an increase in DSE assessments to remain compliant

We are being asked frequently about the need for DSE assessments now the office has changed or people are working from home. Posturite can help you meet legislation in two ways.

  • Virtual assessments: Our team of assessors can conduct full workstation assessments via video or telephone and provide a fully detailed report for the individuals circumstances. The reports will discuss the employee’s role, workstation observations, musculoskeletal issues as well as suggestions made and any ergonomic provisions.
  • E-learning: We provide Q-Pulse Workrite e-learning. Q-Pulse Workrite allows you to train, assess and handle the issues of your employees. Posturite can even offer a managed service which will allow you to outsource your DSE requirements.

3. Social distancing at work

As people are returning to the office, our clients have noticed the need for additional equipment to keep their staff safe. We stock social distancing products such as gloves, masks, hand sanitising stations and perspex screens to help you create a COVID-secure workplace that actively inhibits the spread of germs.

4. Keeping staff trained

Now our clients are preparing for the long term we are being more frequently asked about health and safety training for employees. Whether it's DSE, first aid, or fire warden, we have a course for you. We've adapted our standard offering to incorporate online learning and socially distanced measures so that we can deliver the same standard of content we always have - but with lowered contact time. You can see further information on our training here.

5. Concerns about remaining compliant in these changing times

In order to create COVID-secure workplace, it's important to have the appropriate risk assessments and policies in place for the working situations we find ourselves in. Our consultancy department is here to support you with this. If you have any questions we can provide you a free of charge consultancy call. Our consultants can answer your questions and explain about how we can support you if needed. Simply fill out our consultancy contact form and let us know what you need.