A colourful order from the National Theatre

RH Chairs in the National TheatreThe hair and make-up department at the National Theatre has just become a lot more comfortable... and colourful!

We have recently supplied the department with nine RH Logic chairs – a mix of 300s and 400s – all in different colours.

Several members of the team had suffered with back pain, on and off, for a few years and, after on-site discussions with our London & South East account manager Matt O’Sullivan, they decided to invest in new ergonomic chairs.

We supplied a number of different chairs for the team members to trial to help them come to a decision about which to purchase.

In the end, they all settled for the RH Logics. But when it came to choosing the colour, they all had different opinions. So chairs in nine different colours were eventually chosen, delivered and individually set up on site for each user.

Matt O’Sullivan commented: “The team members – wig makers, hairdressers and make-up artists – are all very individual and creative which showed through when it came to selecting the chair colours. Fortunately we were able to meet each of their requests.”