A note from our founder Ian Fletcher-Price


As many of you know, I developed the first Posturite product in my mother's shed in 1991. I’m thrilled to say we’re now selling our innovations in over 30 countries across the world. I’ve spent the last few weeks travelling around the world promoting Posturite to our clients, partners and distributors, and it’s been a very exciting trip. There are some significant trends around the world, which I’m delighted to say we’ve either initiated or promoted at Posturite over the last 25 years.

Active working, or activity-based working (ABW) as it’s known in Asia and Australasia, is on the up and it’s one of the most significant changes I’ve witnessed since starting the company. We sold our first sit-stand desk in 1994, at what was then an eye watering £2,500!

I’m pleased to say that the prices have decreased dramatically over the years, to a point now where I just think ‘why wouldn’t you?’. We’ve been promoting active working, posture variation, work breaks, rest breaks and micro pauses ever since I can remember, it just makes sense to us. We aren’t designed to be still for long periods, so the more you can do to keep moving at work the better.

We’re incredibly proud of our sit-stand products, including our recently introduced DeskRite Evolve, which is specifically designed for large projects. I’ve personally been leading the product development and the feedback that we’ve had from our clients has been better than we could have hoped for. We have some fantastic new events coming up over the next month or so, so please come and see us there, or tune into our live webinars for some truly valuable (and completely free) educational resources.