About Us

Posturite is the UK market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of posture-improving products for the workplace and the only company providing health and safety consultancy, training, software and products on a national basis. The company’s share of the ‘curative’ ergonomic market in the UK is in excess of 60%.

The aim of the Posturite blog is to provide news, advice and information on posture and ergonomic related topics. We believe that good ergonomics is not just about the right equipment, but also about the right information awareness. That's the mainn reason for our blog. Please free to share information you find here, link to us or leave a comment on any of the posts.

You can also access our online e-commerce store at https://www.posturite.co.uk. Here you will find our full catalogue of ergonomic products, which can be purchased online. You can also find more useful posture related learning resources on our website.