AED plays lead role in theatre’s real life drama

aed_blogOne lucky man has good reason to be very grateful to London’s Ambassador Theatre Group for their recent purchase from us of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

The man collapsed in the street outside the theatre whilst suffering a cardiac arrest. He was saved by the prompt use of the AED which had been rushed out from the theatre by an alert member of staff.

The Ambassador Theatre Group initially purchased 30 AEDs but are now adding additional AEDs to some of their largest  theatres to ensure they are fully equipped for any crisis. Importantly, Ambassador employees have also undergone thorough AED awareness training to be absolutely certain they are prepared for any future emergencies.

Posturite CEO Ian Fletcher-Price said: “This is yet another example of how important it is for buildings where large groups of people gather to have a defibrillator available to give prompt emergency treatment to anyone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

“Although this man wasn’t actually on their premises, the machine the theatre bought from us played a key part in saving his life. One could never describe having a cardiac arrest as being fortunate, but in this case the man was indeed lucky that he had his outside a building which possessed an AED.”

The Martek Lifeline Defibrillators features the same advanced technology trusted by medical professionals. It  is designed specifically for first responders to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Although not everyone can be saved, studies show that early defibrillation can dramatically improve survival rates. AED users should be trained in CPR and use of the AED.