What makes a company 'the best company to work for'?

Usually it's the big-name tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Google that get all the media coverage for being great places to work - but it's not all about free food and ping pong tables.

Now an organisation a little closer to home has made headlines. A recent survey by Glassdoor has listed none other than Anglian Water as the second best place to work in Britain (just after Google).

We recently delivered CPR and defibrillator training to around 1,700 Anglian Water staff members, so we're delighted to hear that they've now been publicly recognised as a top employer.

First aid training is not just a legal requirement - it's an invaluable life skill to offer your employees. We know that so far, one Anglian Water employee has gone on to save a life with their new knowledge.

The news has inspired us to ask: what makes a company good to work for?

Careers site Glassdoor bases its selection on data submitted by both past and current employees.

Robert Hohman, Glassdoor’s chief executive, said: "We know today’s jobseekers are more informed than ever about where they go to work, researching everything from company culture to career opportunities, to pay philosophy and more."

A quick browse of Anglian Water's employee reviews on glassdoor.co.uk reveal comments such as:

"Work/life balance is the best I have ever had."

"A high engagement level and a huge investment in people."

"Good training and team bonding."

"Passionate people who try to assist your personal development."

The importance of staff training

A running theme is 'investment in people'. This doesn't always mean having fancy things that make the news like office ball-pits, slides, ping pong tables and nap rooms (as fun as all of this sounds). It means looking after staff: offering them training, personal development, flexibility and fostering a friendly, relaxed culture.

Anglian Water's asset group manager said: “Anglian Water really does put its employees at the heart of what it does. If you are looking for job satisfaction, reward and enjoyment, this is an ideal company to work for.”

To find out more about how face-to-face training can benefit both your people and your business, download our infographic below.

Otherwise, either check out the training section of our website, or get in touch with our friendly team at [email protected], they'll answer any questions you have.