Are you heading abroad on your holidays this summer?

Like many of us, I’ll be jetting off on my summer holiday in about six weeks time - not that I’m counting down the days or anything!

Nowadays, air travel is a way of life, whether you are flying to go on your holidays or travelling for business. In fact, over 60 million of us fly each year from Britain.

It’s likely the case you've experienced discomfort when travelling by air. Many travelers are prone to a number of minor medical problems when flying due to air pressure, dehydration, aching joints and muscles and swollen feet to name but a few.

It’s important, especially those who will be spending more than 1 or 2 hours on a flight, to keep moving and make sure that they are comfortable on a long haul flight.

Here at Posturite, we have compiled a list of solutions below to help you prevent any immobility issues affecting you on your next flight.

In the checkout

Luggage bags & suitcases - Lugging bags from the car to the check-in desk, and then around the entire airport can be a real hassle. Look for lightweight, durable luggage with extending handles and good wheels.

If you are taking your laptop, try using a back pack style bag instead of a shoulder bag to distribute the weight evenly on both sides of your shoulders and neck. The Deluxe Trolley Backpack and Executive Trolley Case are excellent ergonomic options for carrying your laptop and equipment on flights. Although they are compact and light, they are roomy enough to fit clothes and toiletries.

On the flight

The most common medical problem/discomfort associated with flying is siting for long periods of time in a fairly compact space, which can lead to back pain, neck cramps, and leg fatigue. There are a few things that can be done however, to prevent this.

Take breaks from sitting - It is important to relieve your body of the strain of sitting in an airplane seat regularly. Try if you can to get an aisle seat and get up and walk around the cabin a few times during your journey. It will make a huge difference and will make you feel a lot better to stretch and use your muscles.

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably - Many Airlines do not have ergonomic seating so it’s a good idea to bring a cushion that will support spine and pelvis. Our Posturite Coccyx Cut-Out Wedge, Lumbar Roll, Winged Roll and Back Support cushions provide support and comfort and can be used in many different kinds of seat.

We also have an Inflatable Lumbar Support which you can pump up to any level to support your spine and prevent back ache.

Using a laptop or tablet on a plane - Make sure that you are using your laptop at an angle to avoid hunching and straining your back and neck. The Posture Pouch Laptop Stand is a pouch that protects your laptop during transit and then can be quickly changed into a stand for your laptop which is even height adjustable.

For tablets, we recommend the Cricket Stand which is compatible with both tablets and laptops and is also height adjustable.

Other handy flight travel tips!

  • If you have a tendency to fall asleep with head on your shoulder, using 'U-shaped' travel pillows that fit around your neck can also help.
  • If you have a sinus or ear infection it is best to avoid flying but if flying is necessary make sure that you book an appointment with your doctor to see if any effective pain relief can be prescribed for the symptoms.
  • If you are traveling with a heavy suitcase remember to keep a couple of pound coins on you – or two euros - for a luggage trolley.
  • Stay hydrated.  As nice as it is to treat yourself on a flight to coffees, teas and bubbly , try to drink water in between. Drinking water is healthier and it keeps your body happier.

You can see our full range of ergonomic portable laptop solutions here.