How to avoid a bad back at work - infographic

Back pain is costly (£10 billion a year for the UK economy), disruptive and unfortunately very common. In fact, after the common cold, it's the second most cited reason for sick leave. 

Office work has long been associated with back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. This is because computer work typically requires us to stay in one place making the same repetitive movements with our hands. If people are spending most of the day sitting in one place - perhaps forced into awkward positions by inadequate equipment, there's going to be a higher risk of injury.

It's our founding belief that offices don't have to be like this. Workplace health is all about rethinking outdated ideas about productivity, modifying our behaviours, encouraging good habits and spreading helpful information. Back pain is a broad and complex condition and it can't always be avoided. Even extremely fit, active, healthy people can hurt their backs. However, there are steps we can all take to minimise the risk at work. We've produced an infographic full of tips about best practice and healthy workstation set-ups.

If you would prefer a printable version, please download our series of A4 posters.