Best ergonomic laptop and tablet accessory gifts for Christmas 2019

This year thousands of lucky people across the world will receive laptops, tablets and other tech gifts on Christmas day.

Our job is to design and supply accessories that make using these devices healthier, more comfortable and less likely to cause painful musculoskeletal disorders. We've compiled a collection of the top ergonomic accessories that we think make excellent festive presents for those who study, have home offices, or frequently work on the move.

We hope you love these top ergonomic accessories hand-picked by Posturite elves. Check out our interactive gift guide below for inspiration (click for fullscreen experience).

Please note, to receive your products before Christmas you'll need to place your order before 12 pm on Thursday 19 December. This is for in-stock items with a lead time of 3-4 days (all of the products we've picked for our gift guide are in stock). For products with a longer lead time, you'll have to wait until the new year.

We're packing up for the holidays at midday on Christmas Eve, returning at 9am on 2 January. Happy Christmas to you all, and we look forward to producing more resources full of tips and advice in 2020!

Opløft Sit-Stand Platform

Every home worker should have an Opløft. At just 12 kg, it weighs less than a sausage dog and at its lowest setting, sits just over an inch above your existing surface. Opløft turns any surface into a healthy workstation — whether it’s your dining room table, your desk, or a table in your garden. It’s easy to move around, helps you burn more calories and boosts your focus and creativity.

Oculamp Reading Lamp

Blue light trips up your body clock by blocking melatonin, the chemical that reminds your body when it’s bedtime. The portable Oculamp produces warmer light to protect your eyes and prepare you for sleep - the ideal gift for the night owl in your life.

Slim Cool Laptop Stand

Another gift option for students and office workers is this laptop stand with telescopic side supports that slide in and out for portability and increased air flow to stop laptops from overheating.

Number Slide Keyboard

A great accompaniment to a new laptop, the mini Number Slide is lightweight and easy to carry around - as well as having ergonomic advantages. The number pad can be retracted when not in use to provide more space for the mouse arm, helping to avoid aches and pains associated with poor arm positioning.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse 

Do you know someone who likes to take their work out and about with them? This nifty, bendable mouse is the perfect size and weight for slipping into a bag with a laptop or tablet. Curve it and it turns on, fitting your hand perfectly for comfort.

Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand

Help a loved one avoid the pain of tech neck this year with a Vision stand, an amazingly light ergonomic solution that brings your laptop or tablet up to a more suitable adjustable viewing angle.

Penguin Ambidextrous Vertical Mouse

Give someone the gift of pain-free computing this Christmas with our flagship vertical mouse. Not only is it designed to encourage a neutral working position (avoiding musculoskeletal pain) but it also actually looks like a penguin.

Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 Bluetooth Black

A travel-sized keyboard with sturdy, stylish aluminium casing and rounded, low-profile keys for satisfying typing. The compact size improves your working position and makes it the perfect writing-on-the-go companion.