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Have you booked your places yet for our hugely popular DSE Assessment Foundation and Post Foundation drop-in courses?

If not, we’d advise you to do so quickly. Only 12 places are available for each day-long course, so you could very easily miss out if you leave it too late.

This is where we’ll be over the next few months:

DSE Assessment FoundationLondon (24 March, 21 April, 14 May, 3 June); Bradford (24 March); Newcastle (15 April); Cardiff (21 April); Cambridge (12 May); Sheffield (17 June); Exeter (8 July); Reading (15 July).

DSE Post Foundation London (22 April, 4 June); Cambridge (13 May); Newcastle (23 June).

DSE Assessors have a vital role to play not only in ensuring that businesses fulfil their legal duty of care obligations to all desk-based employees but also in helping to reduce the massive cost to the country of sickness absence caused by musculoskeletal disorders.

Millions of people each year suffer MSDs caused or made worse by time spent sitting at work. The costs are huge both in terms of individual suffering and corporate finances. Back and other work-related upper limb disorders accounted for a sizeable chunk of the estimated £29bn that was lost to the UK economy last year by workplace absences.

So identifying and reducing the health risks to staff who spend much of their time working with display screen equipment is not only a legal requirement for employers, it’s also a financial imperative.

Our Foundation course (£199 + VAT per person) provides delegates with a full understanding of the requirements of the DSE regulations and guidelines; how to identify and reduce the risks to staff; and how to provide the necessary feedback to the DSE users and managers within their companies.

The Post Foundation course (also £199 + VAT per person) offers more advanced training, furthers knowledge of the risks associated with incorrect working postures and provides updates on how and when to use the latest ergonomic equipment.

For more information, visit our website, call us on 0345 345 0030 or email [email protected].