Comfortability and Ergonomics

Recently, I read an article that touched on a very important topic in the Ergonomic office world: Can ergonomic chairs also be comfortable?

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Having tried and tested many ergonomic chairs myself, I would have to agree that initially they can feel a little strange and even uncomfortable. This is not such a bad thing though, as it shows that your body is getting used to adopting the correct posture or variety of postures that will have massive benefits in the long run.

You will get instant benefits too, including better circulation and feeling less fatigued at the end of the day. In the longer term, proper support means you are less likely to experience any health problems associated with incorrect posture. After a few days, you should get used to the new chair setup, so you will feel more comfortable. Reverting to your old, incorrect posture will invariably now feel uncomfortable.

Comfort is merely what we're used to; if we're used to slouching, we wouldn't be comfortable sitting up straight, but something would still need to be done to stop future injuries. Essentially, we all need to realise that our health is more important than our deluded sense of initial comfort.