David helps save the life of cardiac arrest victim

Posturite regional sales manager David Kirtley has been hailed a hero after he helped save the life of a man suffering a cardiac arrest.

David, who is also national sales manager of our MediRite first aid and medical supplies division, sprang into action when he spotted a man who was assumed to have fallen asleep in the reception area of the Cardiff garage where his car was being serviced.

He asked the man if he was ok and got no response. When he was unable to wake him or find a pulse, David realised he was having a heart attack.

Along with a garage receptionist, he carried out cardio-pulmonary resuscitation that kept the man alive for the 10 minutes it took for the paramedics to arrive. Further CPR and treatment with a defibrillator meant that he was breathing when he was rushed to hospital.

David has since visited the man in hospital where he underwent an operation to have a pacemaker visited. It is expected he’ll make a full recovery.

He said: “I’m really glad that I arrived at the garage when I did. The staff there thought the guy had just fallen asleep while waiting for his car, but I quickly realised that that wasn’t the case.

“My first aid training really came into its own. The outcome might have been entirely different if I hadn’t been on the scene. It just goes to show the importance of having people with the right training and the right equipment available to use in emergency situations.

“This particular garage didn’t have a defibrillator on the premises. Fortunately we were able to keep the man alive with manual CPR, but a defib would have been better. I guess the garage might decide to get one now.”

In a voicemail message left on David’s phone, the man’s son said: “The consultant has told my dad that he is a lucky, lucky man, but we know that's down to you. We are very grateful for all that you have done – you truly have saved a life. Thank you so much."

Posturite CEO Ian Fletcher-Price said: “David did a fantastic job. He kept calm in a real life or death crisis situation, and relied on the regular training he has had with our MediRite and WorkRite divisions.

“Hero is a much over-used word these days, but I wouldn’t mind betting that the man whose life he helped to save will regard David as such.”

He added: “Situations like this demonstrate the absolute necessity for companies to make sure they have qualified first aiders and the right equipment available to cope in emergency situations.

“For every minute that passes, the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest reduce by 14 per cent. Research shows that applying a controlled shock within five minutes of collapse provides the best possible outcome and would help improve out-of-hospital survival rates which, according to some sources, currently run at a lowly 6.8 per cent.

“Our MediRite division is one of the country’s leading providers of HSE-approved first aid training courses and automated external defibrillators (AEDs). You can find out more at www.medirite.co.uk."