Defibrillators really do save lives

Dan Elms is one of hundreds of people who owe their lives to automatic external defibrillators (AEDs).

He suffered a heart attack at his local gym, and was unconscious for eight minutes. Only the timely intervention of a retained fireman, who had a defibrillator in his car, prevented Mr Elms from dying.

He told his story last week on BBC Radio 4's Today programme which reported a large increase in the survival rates of heart attack victims where AEDs are now in place.

You can hear the full interview with Dan Elms and Dr Michael Colquhoun of Cardiff University by clicking here.

While not yet compulsory, defibrillators are now widely accepted as being an essential part of First Aid equipment at high-risk sites such as airports, rail stations, gyms and shopping malls.

But many businesses, large and small, are also choosing to have an AED on site in case an employee suffers a heart attack at work.

At a little over £1,000, it's a small price to pay for the potential dividend it offers - that of saving a life!
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