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evolve-launch-blogFrom the UK’s largest supplier of ergonomic products and services, Posturite is proud to introduce our latest product -the new electric height adjustable desk system, DeskRite Evolve.

The benefits of sit-stand working as part of an Active Working policy are proven and well documented. The growing scientific evidence shows that sedentary work increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, obesity and musculoskeletal issues. DeskRite Evolve can help combat this.

Leading the way in workplace ergonomics, we have spent almost 3 years developing DeskRite Evolve, with the primary objective of bringing the most affordable height adjustable desk system to the UK market. DeskRite Evolve, was designed and developed by our experienced in house team of senior managers, as well as input from a select group of clients.

DeskRite Evolve helps to challenge our traditionally sedentary work life to ensure your staff are healthy, productive and safe. You can go from sitting to standing at the touch of a button, and we now know that changing positions is beneficial to your health as well as the overall productivity of your business.

Evolve desks start as a pair and then expand up to as many as you need as your business grows. The flexible frame is adjustable, so as the needs of the business changes, so can the size of the frame. All you need to do is replace the desktop and the screen and Evolve can shrink or expand to your requirements.

We sold our first height-adjustable desk in 1994 and have advocated them to thousands of customers ever since. Workplace ergonomics has been our business for 25 years, so our experience and expertise is unsurpassed when it comes to sit/stand desks.

David Kirtley, Sales Manager of our Office Environments Division said, “We are all proud to have set the new standard with this electric height-adjustable desk system. The priority was to produce an affordable system of desks specifically for large scale projects, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Built-in safety features include a unique brace which prevents the risk of trapping between adjacent height-adjustable surfaces. Evolve complies with all necessary safety standards.

DeskRite Evolve comes in a range of sizes and shapes,  these can be adapted to your organisations requirements, so whatever size and shape you need, contact us, and we can discuss your requirements.

As standard, Evolve comes with a complete cable management system, as well as a desk mounted screen to help with privacy and acoustics. The choice of screens is almost unlimited, including magnetic, pinnable, acoustic or standard.

Choose Evolve and we can also help with your office planning to ensure you make the most of your space, as well as providing complimentary products to complete your project.

David goes on to say says “Up until now, companies have had to pay a lot more for height adjustable desks, and this has been difficult to justify for some customers.  What we have created is the most affordable height adjustable desking system on the UK market.”

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