Desktop gifts: the Posturite Christmas guide

Close up of an unrecognisable man, holding a gift box out to the camera

With the holidays quickly approaching, the panic buying period for gifts is starting to begin. Between homeworking and the long-awaited return to the office, we’re now spending more time at our desks than ever before.

So, why not give some practical desktop accessories to someone you care about this year?

Whether you’re looking for gifts for co-workers or if you’re simply lost for choice this festive season, Posturite has you covered. Keep reading to discover some of the very best desk gifts for desktop dwellers in our list of office gift ideas.

Communication: an upgraded webcam

JPL Vision & Voice Mini webcam

Video meetings are now a part of everyday life. Unfortunately, many of us use webcams with pixelated images and choppy microphones. Help your loved ones communicate a little more clearly this year with a brand-new webcam.

With so many webcams to choose from, it can be difficult to sort the good from the bad. Fear not, the JPL Vision & Voice Mini webcam is one that we can solidly recommend. It gives a crystal-clear image and even includes a high-quality microphone to help save money on extra kit.

Posture: lumbar support cushions

Posturite Winged Roll

Nobody likes having a bad back. If you could gift relief from this pain, would you? Well, this Christmas, you can give the gift of better posture thanks to a supportive lumbar cushion. Sitting between you and your chair, a lumbar cushion provides a padded material upon which you can rest for hours without discomfort.

The best part? You can even use your existing chair! Simply strap it on to the back and you’re well on your way to a better posture.

There’s plenty of these to choose from, but the Posturite Winged Roll cushion is by far one of the most supportive available. It features a soft, plush material that can be easily washed when needed and its compact design allows it to effortlessly slip into a small bag for the morning commute.

Wellbeing: desk lighting accessories

Beurer TL20 lamp

We cannot stress the importance of home office lighting enough. Not only does ample lighting help with boosting motivation, but it can also have a detrimental impact on our health. So, why not consider one of these wellbeing-boosting home office gifts this year?

The Beurer TL20 lamp is a great option for this. It offers a flicker-free illumination and even provides treatment for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The calming atmosphere that it gives off is great for productivity and regulating our mood throughout the day, keeping the winter blues at bay.

Organisation: document holders

Q-Doc 415 Document Holder

How many times have you put down an important document only to lose it? It’s an infuriating scenario, but thankfully it can be avoided thanks to a space-saving document holder.

While not the flashiest of gifts, your peers will certainly thank you for their newly clean and consolidated desk space in the months that follow. The Q-Doc 415 Document Holder is one of the most versatile document holders on the market. It can be positioned right between your keyboard and monitor, placing your documents in an easily accessible location, and freeing up precious desk space.

Comfort: footrests

Score 952 Height Adjustable Footrest

Most posture-associated health problems in the office can be attributed to a poor seating position. Sometimes, this has nothing to do with your chair and more to do with your legs. Too close to the floor and your knees begin to bend; too far away and there’s nowhere to rest your feet.

One great way of adding another dimension to your seating position is with an adjustable footrest. While chairs do a great job of supporting the upper body, a footrest is a great way of allowing the lower body to relax. The Score 952 Height Adjustable Footrest offers unparalleled customisation with height and tilt adjustments that can be made on the fly. This takes the guessing game out of posture so you can kick back and chill out.

Visibility: monitor arms

CBS Flo Dual Monitor Arm

Two screens are better than one. While you write away on one, you can hold references and further information on the other. This reduces the time spent flipping between tabs and programs, increasing your overall productivity.

One aspect that lets two monitors down however is desk space. Many modern monitors now include bulky stands to boost their sturdiness. While this is all well and good with one screen, adding another immediately begins to encroach on your desk space.

However, there is a solution. A dual-monitor arm elevates both screens to adjustable heights, removing the need for bulky, heavy monitor stands. There’re loads to choose from, but the CBS Flo Dual Monitor Arm is by far one of the best. It includes two arms that attach directly to a desk via a heavy-duty clamping system: a great gift for anyone new to the dual-monitor lifestyle.

Portability: laptop accessory packs

Work On-The-Go Wired Kit

Still not sure what to choose? Consider a bundle of accessories that covers all bases. This takes the guessing game out of gift-giving while still offering a whole host of great products.

Take our Work On-The-Go Wired Kit for example. It includes a compact mouse and keyboard as well as an adjustable, portable laptop stand that accommodates a multitude of different models. This bundle is great for someone who’s either just started remote working, or for those who aren’t sure what to get this year.

Remote working and office accessories from Posturite

There’s a bit for everyone in this list; there’s something for remote workers, office workers and seasoned home working veterans. If you’re still stuck on ideas, our expert team can help.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll be sure to help you choose the best office desk gifts for your loved ones.

Just to let you know that we close at 5pm on Thursday 23 December, and return for the new year on Tuesday 4 January.