Don’t catch a financial cold this winter

dont-catch-a-cold-blogIt’s that time of year again when workplaces in the UK can catch a financial cold.

In the UK alone, 150 million sick days are taken because of colds and flu.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average adult will contract two or three colds each winter, and this year there are fears that Britain could face the longest winter in 50 years.

There are over 200 cold viruses and these germs can be easily transmitted from an infected surface.

Studies have found that keyboards and mice harbour more bacteria and germs than door handles or even toilet seats, not what you want in a healthy and productive workplace.

Posturite’s range of Seal Shield medical grade products help prevent the spread of infection in the workplace. And that’s why we have recently extended this range of fully washable computer accessories.

We offer a wide choice of keyboards and mice that can, if necessary, be put in the dishwasher at the end of a day’s work to ensure that dirt or crumbs are safely removed. Many of the devices also include an antimicrobial, fungi static coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

This anti-bacterial coating is a feature of Seal Shield’s all-in-one silicone keyboard. Its built-in touch pad removes the need for a mouse while its slimline keyboard can be put in the dishwasher and even disinfected with bleach. This makes it a perfect choice for stopping the spread of infection in the workplace.

Plus, all these devices come with a 14-day trial.

For all of our medical grade and washable electronic equipment visit www.posturite.co.uk.