Don’t let scalds land you in hot water

How prepared are you to deal with burns, scalds or eye injuries in your workplace?

Sadly these sort of accidents are all too common. Around 112,000 people ended up needing hospital treatment last year after suffering burns of one sort or another.
Fortunately, though, most injuries of this type are fairly minor and can usually be treated on the spot by designated First Aiders.

So it’s vital to ensure that your First Aid store is always stocked with the special kits that can help prevent a small problem becoming a bigger one.

The MediRite Plus burns kit contains the essential dressings you’ll need to help relieve pain and prevent contamination while our MediRite Plus 3 eye wash kit has the sterile fluids and pads that allow eyes to be safely bathed.

Burns and eye injuries can both be potentially serious. So if in any doubt, always seek medical help.

For a wide range of medical supplies and first aid kits, see our MediRite website.