What is a DSE advisor and how do you become one?

The way we protect staff from workstation-related musculoskeletal issues is changing. A DSE advisor's role is to offer helpful workstation set-up advice remotely, so that homeworkers can make any suitable changes themselves - with remote guidance, to improve their posture and productivity.

With large numbers of people now working from home - some in makeshift spaces with equipment that hasn't been designed for long periods of computer work, it's important that new measures are put in place to help employees work comfortably.

Our new remote DSE advisor course trains staff members to give workstation set-up advice to remote workers. While it doesn't qualify them to conduct a fully compliant assessment, it does provide them with the knowledge and confidence to give potentially injury-saving advice.

With a few equipment and positioning tweaks, employees may be able to significantly reduce their risk of back pain, eye strain or any other issues associated with using a display screen for prolonged periods. By equipping in-house staff with the skills to give remote DSE advice, you'll:

  • Save money in the long-run
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve productivity
  • Promote good health and posture
  • Help staff know they are valued

How is the course carried out?

The course will take place over 2.5 hours in our virtual classroom online. Throughout the session, the trainer will discuss DSE regulations and procedures, common workstation issues and practical solutions, a standard DSE set-up, common health issues, home and agile working and possible workstation accessories.

Trainees will have opportunity to participate in group discussions to gain knowledge and understanding in these areas.

If you have a group of people to train in your organisation, we can set up a date at your convenience. If there are only one or two individuals, they can join a group on one of our pre-booked drop-in dates.