DSE training for a mobile world: meet the revamped AssessRite 3.0

blog-assessrite-3Today we unveil the latest version of our flagship DSE e-learning course, AssessRite 3.0.

Office life is evolving fast and health and safety regulations have long been due a catch-up. In fact, display screen equipment (DSE) regulations haven’t been touched since 1992. To tackle emerging ergonomic problems in the modern workplace, we’ve designed an online course that covers the latest trends in business today, including safe mobile device use, agile working, and the use of sit-stand desks.

Is your organisation prepared for the challenges ahead?

Technology has completely revolutionised the way we work. With this fast-moving era comes new ergonomic challenges for employers and health and safety professionals. How do you protect your employees against emerging problems like ‘tech neck’? How do you protect the organisation from damaging legal action and reputation loss? How do you dispense advice and education to staff who work remotely across the globe in a cohesive way?

The 20-minute training solution

The answer comes in the form of an interactive 20-minute online course developed by ergonomists and health professionals in partnership with our WorkRite software development team. As the third and latest version of our flagship AssessRite series, this e-learning course offers up-to-date content that will help protect your employees from a range of DSE-related problems that we know contribute to the billions of pounds lost to absenteeism and low productivity each year.

AssessRite 3.0 modules include:

  • Posture
  • Workstation set-up
  • Positioning of equipment
  • Sit-stand working
  • Agile working
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and smartphones
  • Environment

The illustrated course is engaging, interactive, comprehensive and it only takes an average of 20 minutes to complete. It will even save at any point so the user can come back to the same place at a later date if time is tight. At the end, users can consolidate everything they’ve learnt by taking a test (which is different each time it’s loaded). If they pass - great! If they don’t quite make it they can always run through the course again until they do. Once they have completed training, the result will be passed to the relevant person/people in your organisation, and saved securely for future audits and reports.

Keeping it all together

With your AssessRite 3.0 purchase we provide our Management Portal free of charge. This is a private, secure online hub for all of your company’s health and safety information. It keeps track of training, generates reports, sends automated reminders and streamlines your health and safety processes to save time, money and resources.

What next?

You can find out more about AssessRite 3.0 on our course page

Call our WorkRite team on 0345 345 0030, or contact your account manager to arrange a free, no-strings trial to see if this course is right for your organisation.