Easing you smoothly through GDPR with e-learning

Not everyone gets excited just thinking about the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), but it's important that we all understand what the new rules are, and what they may mean for our businesses.

That's why we're adding a new GDPR module to our engaging, interactive Data Protection Act (DPA) e-learning course on Monday 22 January 2018.

No-hassle transition for your staff

This additional GDPR module has been designed to ease users from the rules specified in the DPA, to the new rules set out by the forthcoming EU regulations.

The new module takes users through an overview of GDPR. They will find out how the regulations differ from the DPA, who the regulations apply to, and what happens if businesses fail to follow them.

Remember, the Data Protection Act will still apply until May 25. That's why we're adding the transition module instead of immediately replacing the course with our new GDPR one.

Our full GDPR course will be available from April. This will include six modules split into bite-sized chunks, plus a test at the end to quantify the effectiveness of the training.

How to get the GDPR module - and for how much?

Existing customers - rejoice! You can activate the additional module for free by getting in touch with  support@workrite.co.uk. Users who've already completed the DPA course can skip straight to the GDPR module.

We will also arrange your free upgrade to the GDPR e-learning course in April, which will replace DPA.

New customers - also rejoice! If you purchase licenses for the DPA course now, you will get the new module and the entire GDPR e-learning course at no extra cost.

Get in touch to find out about pricing.

Why learn GDPR online with us?

Manuals and long documents are more likely to be ignored, skimmed over, forgotten, or misunderstood. The colourful illustrations and bite-sized chunks of text in our e-learning courses make it much easier for users to digest and retain information. Content is presented module-by-module so busy users can even pause their training at any time and come back to the same place later if needed.

A test at completion will help cement knowledge and results will be automatically logged in the secure WorkRite management system for easy tracking and reporting.

Our e-learning is cost-effective and thorough but also fun. It's a very good way of meeting regulations and keeping your business and clients as safe as possible from data breaches.

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