Enjoy a better experience with the Posturite website revamp

Some things get better with age - George Clooney, malt whisky, blue cheese. 

Unfortunately, unlike George Clooney websites need regular face-lifts to stay looking fresh. Thanks to rapidly evolving technologies, trends and user behaviours, it's an ongoing challege to keep up-to-date. Luckily for our developers, it's a never-ending job.

We're excited to show off our latest big design revamp on Posturite. If you watch the quick video below, you'll see is a massive improvement from our first foray into the online world in the mid-nineties.


Now that we're out of the painstakingly slow dial-up age and soaring through a magical universe of wireless, high speed broadband and mobile technology, we're free to be a little more creative with our design.

Here's what's new:

✓ Fully responsive - whether you're browsing on a super-sized monitor, a tablet, laptop, or mobile, our site will automatically resize to give you the best possible user experience.

✓ New homepage blocks - we want to make it as easy as possible to find what you're looking for the moment you land on the homepage. That's why we've created new image blocks for our main product and service categories.

✓ Megamenu - to streamline navigation we've built a 'megamenu'. This means that when you select a category along the navigation bar, you can browse sub-categories and other related content without having to leave the page.

✓ Featured products - our homepage now displays our newest additions, featured products and best sellers.

✓ Easily accessible reviews - we've integrated a new review slider into the homepage so you can easily see what other people have to say about us and our products.

✓ Featured blog posts - for the first time ever, we're showing featured blog posts on our main site. This includes useful articles on a range of workplace health, safety and wellbeing matters.

We will continue to improve the look and functionality of our website indefinitely. If you would like to offer suggestions for improvement, please email us on [email protected].

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