Feel right with FeelRite

Stress is a major cause of occupational ill health. In 2006/07, 13.8 million working days were lost because of it.

With each new case leading to over 30 days of lost productivity, it’s vital that businesses take whatever steps they can to alleviate the impact stress can have on their bottom lines. WorkRite’s new FeelRite program offers an easy step-by-step guide to stress awareness. It encourages people to identify potential problems in their home and working lives and offers practical tips on how to cope with them.

FeelRite joins our expanding suite of easy-to-use, economic e-learning packages, designed to allow users to train at their own pace and convenience. These include our market-leading AssessRite DSE training and assessment program, HandleRite, FireRite, COSHH and specialist courses on the Data Protection and the Freedom of Information Acts. Through our software leasing programme, courses are available for as little as 1p per day per user.