How GDPR could affect our relationship with you

Email is an important part of our customer relationship, but with GDPR coming up in May, we're going to need to know if you're as into us as we are with you...

Nobody likes to be pelted with promotional emails - especially when you can't remember even signing up to half the stuff in your inbox. Unfortunately over the years some companies have found sneaky ways to get us onto their mailing lists. Confusingly phrased clauses (do you not not want to receive promotional emails from us?), pre-ticked boxes and sold data means our email addresses can easily get into the hands of serial spammers.

In May 2018 there's going to be significant changes to the rules regulating the way our personal data is found, kept and used by companies.

GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), is the EU's solution to outdated, insufficient data protection laws. It aims to place full control of personal data back into the hands of citizens. It will:

- Make it much easier to access data companies already hold about us.
- Impose bigger fines on companies not following procedure.

After Brexit the UK will follow rules that are, apparently, almost the same as GDPR with just a few minor differences.

This is good news all round, but for Posturite it means we'll need to be able to prove that you really want to receive our emails. Over the last 26 years of business we've collected a sizeable mailing list - all from legitimate means, mind. But some of that data is outdated, not all of you work in roles that relate to workplace health anymore, some of you just want to be left in peace. We understand, we can take it (wipes tear).

We use email (very occasionally) to spread awareness, invite you to webinars and events, share our expert knowledge and offer you juicy discounts on ergonomic products. Our aim is to make it worth your while!

We'd love it if you could stick with us and continue following Posturite's journey. 

Sound good?

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