GE Sensing choose Posturite for Activ duty

Posturite has been awarded a contract to fulfil a three to four year office and industrial chair replacement project at GE Sensing (Measurement & Control Solutions) in Leicester.

More than 100 RH Activ chairs have already been supplied, and by the time the programme is completed it is anticipated that around 750 chairs will have been replaced. Each office chair is being embossed with the GE logo.

The RH Activ was chosen by GE Sensing as its new standard seating across its office and industrial environments after recommendations from the company’s Environmental, Health & Safety team and a 10-person volunteer Ergo-Team, each of whom is trained in industrial and office environment assessments.

Posturite’s Midlands regional manager Mark Walker said: “GE has an incredibly strong health and safety policy and recognise that the programmes that the EH&S team run will directly affect business quality and productivity rates.

“The RH Activ is the perfect solution for GE as, thanks to its simplicity and ergonomic design, it fits equally easily into both office and industrial working environments.”

Gosia Nutt, who leads the company’s volunteer Ergo-Team, said: “I went through a very frustrating period trying to find, spec and recommend chairs which would be suitable for a wide range of people and departments across our site.

“It took me months before I found the perfect manufacturer, RH, and supplier, Posturite. We have been dealing with them for almost a year now and have already had around 100 chairs delivered.

“Most of our employees are very happy with their chairs, especially with the personal service. Each employee is set up by a professional representative from Posturite or RH.

“The service they offer is great, with next day deliveries if required. And the two representatives I deal with are very professional, and always happy to help and support us.