Why is good induction training so important?

Induction training is not just a formality. There's a real business case for easing new-starters into your company in a well-organised, structured way.


Some of the benefits of induction training

Integrate with ease

For some new starters, stepping into a new company can feel like entering into a whole new world. There are new rules, new values, new goals and a brand new office culture to navigate. This can be a daunting prospect for some people - however experienced they are. If you want your starters to ease in smoothly, it’s vital that you lay down the foundations within the first few days. Induction training gives you a chance to show new starters who you are as a company - and what you expect from them in terms of things like attitude, routine and attire.

Smooth integration into the company’s way of life will reduce HR problems and take some of the smaller stresses away from the employees, such as what they should wear, when they can take breaks, where they should park and such like - freeing them up to feel positive and empowered in their new role.

Greater confidence


Uncertainty can knock confidence. Employees who aren’t given appropriate instruction about the basics - like what software to log into, which exits and entrances to use, which printer to use, or who to talk to about what - may flounder. Some personality types are less willing to ask for help than others and this can lead to mistakes, dissatisfaction and slow progress.  

Job satisfaction  

Good, well-structured, professional induction training gives off a good impression about your company. It’s the first idea your new starters will have of what it’s like to work for you, so if you’re keen to retain the talent you’ve attracted, it’s essential to make those first few days run as smoothly as possible. If nothing else, it will help them feel welcome and well looked-after - which can add to morale and increase feelings of loyalty.


The whole idea behind induction training is that it gets starters up and running in their new roles with as few teething issues as possible. It gives them the foundations to start working efficiently from the outset - which means greater output and productivity for the company as a whole.

Using e-learning for your induction training

We design bespoke e-learning induction courses because we believe this is the most efficient, professional, creative and cost-effective way to ease new starters into their roles.

If you need further convincing when it comes to learning on a computer, take a look at our post the benefits of e-learning.

With our tried-and-tested six step process we can produce a completely bespoke course in as little as 4-6 weeks.

From concept to e-learning course

Our WorkRite Management System - a comprehensive and extremely intuitive reporting tool, comes free with your course – letting you keep track of who's been trained and automates further guidance to both users and administrators should there be further actions required on completion.

Access to our whole suite of e-learning courses can also be easily activated, so you can train your staff in a huge range of health and safety issues relating to their jobs, from driver awareness, to data protection.

View a full list of our e-learning courses here.

If you’re interested and want to find out more, simply submit an enquiryand we’ll be in touch to help you.