HÅG SoFi – the chair that will forever change your concept of sitting

Banner image advertising that this blog post is reviewing the HÅG SoFi ChairFor over 25 years, we have been providing our clients with HÅG seating solutions. In that time we have provided HÅG chairs for a wide number of clients including almost 3000 chairs to Orange for their call centre workers.

What we really love about the HÅG chairs is that they encourage active sitting and are suitable for a vast range of office environments from call centres, reception areas or learning areas. An exciting addition to the HÅG range is the SoFi Chair, which is a striking and timeless ergonomic chair for informal workspaces.

The HÅG product ethos comes from movement. When the body moves, we are in a better state to work, our blood flow is optimised (for a seated position at least), and we are more stimulated than working from a chair that has limited movement. The HÅG SoFi  has the unique HÅG inBalance system which intuitively keeps you in balanced and continuous motion without you having to think about it.

In terms of adjustment, the controls are intuitive, discreet, and easy to operate. The tension control isn’t really a tension control, it’s more an adjustment that tailors the liveliness of the chair. We know that some users prefer more movement than others, so rather than being weight dependent, the adjustment changes the ease and amount of movement.

Working with designers, the HÅG Sofi chair is born from their tried and tested movement principle, the Balanced Movement Mechanism: inBalance. The SoFi collects the features from previous HÅG products, perfects them and then combines them into one stunning chair. We recommend the Slideback Armrests as an additional feature. Despite coming at an extra cost, the added ergonomic and productivity benefits make them worth while.

Visually, the options are almost infinite, and certainly too many to count! With a choice of 4 colours on the framework (silver, black, white and polished) and countless options for coverings (both colour and fabric are customisable), you’re spoilt for choice with the SoFi. We can advise on what looks best, and there are a number of panels that can be upholstered in different fabrics, allowing you to bring your own branding into the product.

Every HÅG chair is designed and manufactured according to five basic life cycle principles, and HÅG SoFi is at the forefront of sustainable development. Today it is the most sustainable task chair collection in the industry, compared to other chairs with similar functionality and comfort. Components mainly consist of recycled and recyclable material. There are no harmful chemicals or any glues. A preliminary carbon footprint of 63 kg CO2 makes it the best in its class. As you would expect from HÅG, the warranty runs for 10 years, with a life expectancy of around 15, so you really do get your value for money.

From first-hand experience, we’ve given one to our head of Design, and he loves it. Now everyone in the office wants one!

To arrange a free trial of the HÅG SoFi, or any other chair in our range, please your local Account Manager.