Happy Anniversary 999

Man being rescued by defibrillatorThe 999 emergency telephone service celebrates its 75th anniversary this month. And to mark the occasion we are running big money-off deals on two of our biggest-selling items of emergency response equipment.

Order before the end of July and you will receive:

Both are essential pieces of kit that can make the difference between life and death in crisis situations that demand the making of a 999 call.

The EvacuRite, our exclusive evacuation chair, will ensure that you have the means to transport someone safely and rapidly downstairs in an emergency situation. And the Lifepak AED will enable a rapid and potentially life-saving intervention if someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest on your premises.

It was following a fire at a house in Wimpole Street, London, in November 1935 that the 999 service came into being. A neighbour who had tried to phone the fire brigade was so angry about being held in a queue at the exchange that he wrote a letter to the Times. A subsequent government inquiry led to the introduction of the 9-9-9 format in London on 30 June 1937. The number was chosen for its ease of use on the old rotary dial.

Today more than 43 million 999 calls are made to the police, fire or ambulance service each year, almost half of them from mobile phones.

We all hope that the need to make such a call will never arise. But if it does, you want to know that you are equipped to cope until the emergency services arrive.

So if you don’t already have an evacuation chair or AED on your premises, perhaps it’s about time you did. It’s a small price to pay for saving a life!

Order now via our website www.posturite.co.uk or by calling us on 0345 345 0010.