Helping you reduce absence this winter

A woman blowing her nose into a paper tissue

The cough, cold, flu and vomiting bug season is upon us and with it the near certainty that the number of workplace absences will soar.

Statistics show that absence rates are 27% higher between October and March than they are between April and September. Minor illnesses such as vomiting or a cold are given as the cause of absence in one third of cases. Whilst it’s not possible to completely eradicate all germs in the workplace, there are some very simple and basic steps that employers can take to reduce the spread.

For example, we know from research done by Which? in 2008 that some keyboards harbour more germs and bacteria than lavatory seats – e-coli, coliforms, staphylococcus aureus and enterobacteria can all be happily multiplying away. We also know that rodents have learnt that keyboards can provide a valuable food source. They have been known to leave droppings on them as they search for crumbs among the keys at night when the office is quiet.

So as well as reinforcing hand washing messages and providing hand sanitiser and alcohol-based sanitising wipes, it might be a good idea to discourage staff from eating lunch over their keyboard so as to reduce the average keyboard crumb count! If there are hot desking areas, washable keyboards and mice are also an option.

We stock a wide range of both immersible and dishwasher-proof computer accessories as well as models that have a clear silicone cover – perfect for a quick wipe over with sanitiser every day. Volume discounts are available on all our washable keyboards and mice, so talk to your local Account Manager today or call us on 0345 345 0010.