HSE's new strategy launched

The HSE launched its new strategy on 3rd December 2008 as set out below:

The strategy, which is resetting the direction for health and safety, sets out a number of goals to be achieved:

  • HSE and Local Authorities (LA) will continue to work together to investigate work related incidents and secure justice
  • Encouraging strong leadership and championing a common sense approach to health and safety
  • Building competence of those charged with delivering health and safety in workplaces
  • Promoting the benefits of worker involvement, whether the workplace is unionised or not
  • Customising the support for small businesses to help them comply with their health and safety obligations
  • Avoiding catastrophes in GB's high hazard industries; and
  • Taking account of the wider issues that impact on health and safety and its delivery

Headline health and safety statistics for 2007/08 are as follows:

  • 229 workers were killed at work
  • 2.1 million people were suffering from an illness they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work
  • 136,771 other injuries to employees were reported
  • 299,000 reportable injuries occurred
  • 34 million days were lost overall (1.4 days per worker), 28 million due to work-related ill health and 6 million due to workplace injury

In 1974, the year the Health and Safety at Work etc Act was introduced, more than 600 people were killed each year at work. More health and safety statistics can be found at http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/index.htm