Improve mental health support in your workplace with our new courses

We have launched two new nationally-recognised mental health first aid qualifications to help organisations create healthier, more supportive cultures for staff.

How healthy and well a person is has a massive impact on how they perform at work. Workplace cultures that fail to consider wellbeing can often exacerbate or even cause mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

This is why it is so important to have trained mental health ambassadors within your organisation. They can help raise awareness of mental health and create an inclusive, supportive environment where people feel able to ask for what they need.

We are now offering two Qualsafe mental health qualifications:

1. Understanding mental health in the workplace (QA level 2 award)

A one-day course to develop the skills you need to positively influence your workplace culture.

Find out more about the QA level 2 award

2. Mental health first aid in the workplace (QA level 3 award)

A nationally-recognised two-day course to with the skills to positively influence workplace culture and implement practical support strategies.

Find out more about the QA level 3 award

Both courses can be face-to-face or held in our virtual classroom, depending on your needs. The content will be delivered by our highly experienced mental health first aid trainers to engage and equip delegates with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to promote healthy, open cultures in their workplaces.