Improve your posture while driving

Here at Posturite we are not just concerned with ergonomics in the office environment; many of our workers spend a lot of their time driving, as do a great deal of the population. So this week the focus will be on ergonomics at the wheel.

Here is some advice from the experts:

Lower pressure on your back by sitting in a slightly reclined position (about 105 degrees) with the seat fully supporting your back.

The lower part of your back (the lumbar region) should always feel supported, as this helps maintain the natural ‘s’ shape of the back. If it’s not fully supported by your car seat, you can use a lumbar roll or a seat wedge.

Make sure your knees are slightly below your hips, increasing circulation to the legs and taking strain off of the lower back. Most cars have the ability to tilt the seat pan to allow for this.
Keep all items that you may need at hand but never keep them in your back pockets, as this will decrease circulation.

It may sound like your taking your first driving lesson again, but ensure that your mirrors are positioned so you don’t have to stretch or twist to see. If you are struggling to see any areas, invest in some blind spot mirrors.

Remember, driving shouldn’t be stressful; your shoulders should be relaxed and the steering wheel should be less than arms length away so you don’t have to lean forward and lose the support of the back of your seat.