An infographic guide to boosting productivity at work

We've created an infographic full of ideas about how to be more productive at work, covering four key areas: environment, wellbeing, healthy habits, and process/flow. You can download a printable version here

Productivity is defined as the output per hour of workers. In its very simplest sense, a productive employee is one who produces really good work for minimal input. In the UK productivity has been notoriously low since the financial crisis in 2008 - and economists aren't entirely sure why.

There are many factors that contribute to a business' productivity levels, and often making seemingly small changes - like fixing or upgrading the chairs staff sit on, or improving the quality of lighting and noise levels in the office - can make a huge difference.

Some common productivity drains in business include:

  • poor management
  • poor communication
  • unsuitable office seating
  • absenteeism
  • uncomfortable environment
  • recruiting wrong people
  • too many meetings
  • poor IT infrastructure and technology
  • inadequate training
  • low employee morale and wellbeing

On an individual level, being productive - or at least understanding where our blocks are and how to overcome them, can help us achieve more and feel fulfilled in our careers. Use this infographic to make some small changes and see whether it changes your work output.