Introducing Adapt - our most specialist launch yet


Once upon a time office workers sat on classic four-legged wooden chairs. Then Charles Darwin came along and offered his second greatest contribution to humanity: the wheeled chair (apparently to whiz between his specimens).

Research into anatomy, behaviour and ergonomics means many of us have the privilege of sitting on ergonomic chairs. These are chairs that encourage movement and good posture to reduce the risk of aches, pains and musculoskeletal problems.

We’re all built differently and while ergonomic designs are intentionally adjustable, occasionally something more specialist is called for.

old chair

Exciting launch

Today we are delighted to announce our launch of the Adapt collection by ErgoChair. This is a world-class collection of specialist chairs - some of which are completely made-to-measure, and some of which come in a choice of sizes. All have a huge amount of customisation potential. If you’ve ever fancied having massage and heat pads integrated into your office chair, then you’re in luck (hint - check out the Adapt 600).  

Here we’ve created a brief run-down of each Adapt model we’re stocking to make it easier for you to distinguish between them.  

Adapt 200 - the petite one

A typical problem petite people face with their office chairs is that the seat is so big that it cuts into the back of their knees and reduces blood-flow to the legs.

adapt 200

Thanks to the Adapt 200, you no longer have to sit at the edge of your seat to do your work. 

Find out more about the Adapt 200 >>

Adapt 500 - the everyday task chair with specialist customisation

For an entry-level office chair, the Adapt 500 is pretty advanced. This is a great option for most builds. You start by choosing your model (there are six models each with a different sized seat and back).

adapt 500

Next, you add on things like a headrest, armrests and various support padding to create the ergonomic chair of your dreams. (And if for some reason you don't have an ergonomic chair of your dreams, just give us a call and we'll advise you).

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Adapt 600 - the made-to-measure one

The Adapt 600 is far from average - and neither are you. We're all different shapes and sizes with varying needs depending on our roles. The customisation options are endless and if you contact us we can enlist you an expert to help build it to your measurements. We can insert air cells and padding for perfect contouring, and add a variety of other accessories if needed.

adapt 600

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Adapt 700 - the heavy-duty one

The Adapt 700 provides peace-of-mind, ergonomic support and comfort for the larger user. It supports a weight of up to 40 stone (250 kg) and can be adjusted accordingly for wider bodies.

adapt 700

Find out more about the Adapt 700 >>

AdaptLift - the one with electronic assistance

Another made-to-measure offering, the AdaptLift is essentially the Adapt 600 with the added help of high performance electronic adjustability. Helping people with mobility issues work more independently.


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Adapt ZentoSmart - the new generation of ‘everyday ergonomics’

The ZentoSmart is a great general ergonomic office chair, offering a high level of customisation without being so specialist that it excludes multiple users.

adapt zento smart

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