The benefits of e-learning

There are many ways to train staff, from away-days and conferences, to in-house training with dedicated experts. But as business operations continue to evolve and adapt to new technologies - how will training keep up?

Here at Posturite we specialise in a blend of training styles — but one of our fastest growing and most exciting areas is e-learning. Our clients are embracing this cost-effective, flexible and effective way of developing staff. Here, we take a closer look at how e-learning is the perfect match for modern businesses.

Agile working

The latest office trend is ‘agile working’. And it’s not just a passing fad - it’s here to stay. Agile working does away with the old nine-to-five. It embraces flexibility: work that molds around personal needs and lifestyles. It harnesses technology, embracing the possibility of logging into a virtual office from anywhere in the world.


Businesses that do away with the rigid office culture want staff training that’s as flexible as their agile working policy. E-learning lends itself perfectly to this philosophy. Our WorkRite Management System is hosted from secure Microsoft Azure servers, so all staff need to do to access relevant training modules is log in from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Familiar medium

The use of technology as a learning tool in the workplace is becoming standard. And it’s not just the younger generations who benefit from this way of learning. We all use our devices in everyday life - it’s a natural, familiar way to absorb information.



Modern life is busy. When time’s tight, training away-days can seem like an indulgence. E-learning solves this problem because it can be dipped in and out of. Each e-learning course takes between 15 - 40 minutes to complete, and progress is automatically saved so users can come back to the same part later if necessary.


Transcending borders

Businesses spread across the globe can struggle to streamline their staff training and development. WorkRite courses can be translated into any language, licenses can be extended to any number of employees necessary, and - thanks to the online platform, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. To make life easier, managers can keep track of all employees’ progress in one central online location. Our management system collects and tracks all data to make it easy to monitor training progress across the whole company.

One platform, unlimited options


Simplicity is good. It means things are less likely to go wrong. We make sure our WorkRite e-learning system is as simple as possible. Everything is run from a single platform so however many courses you purchase, and however many licenses you need, you have everything in one place. This will give you a real-time overview of all the training being completed in the company. As your business grows, your WorkRite system can grow. Purchase more courses, or brief us to produce a bespoke e-learning course for you. WorkRite helps you keep everything in one place: neat, tidy and easily accessible.

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